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May 3, 2010

Fire Exit

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Just as I mentioned in my last blog post, we are currently waiting for Sir Joel’s code review on our project. After series of testing, product development comes in wherein testing will be simulated in “real world” environment. Ms. Rica also told us that the company will lend us some phones so that we can test our app not only in browsers but also in real life cellphones. If there are no errors, our project will be finally deployed.

Sir Joel was too busy last Friday to check our apps since he is finishing a pending app. Coincidentally, Friday was also the scheduled Fire drill demonstration for the occupants of the Tektite Building (Philippine Stock Exchange). Employees are expected to participate. However, since all of the Chikka employees already participated in the past Fire drills, Ms. Rica and Ms. Twinkle advised us to go in the demo and feel the experience. They warned us though that our muscles will hurt the next day since we will be using the stairs to go down and we are in the 31st floor. True enough, my leg muscles hurt last Saturday. >__<

Berns and I at the Fire Exit

After traveling 300+ steps, Diel, Berns and I watched and observed the demo. There were employees who were in the fourth floor and climbed from the window using the ladder in the firetruck. Lots of firemen, medics and lifesavers were there and told us to evacuate the place immediately. The noisy sirens, ambulance and lots of firetrucks were present too. The demo was informative. I think our school must have Fire drills too. Haha.

When we reached the office, a long line was already forming outside the receiving area. Some of the Chikka regulars told us that the line was for free ice cream since there was a GA earlier. Free ICE CREAM for us! Yay! While in the line we also had pictures with our team leaders Sir Joel, Ma’am Twinkle and Ma’am Aih.



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