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May 3, 2010

Fourth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Yesterday I got new shoes. Today I got a new partner.

He finally arrived. His name is Joel – he studies at Letran, a bit tall, around 6 feet I think. Together, we now make the famous PHP boys (with our coach Sir Neal – he doesn’t know this). Joel by the way seats next to me.

My first conversation with Joel revolved around the nature of the Source Inspection System. I showed him the existing software (the one in MS Excel) that is being used currently. I told him that our job is to translate it to a website that can be accessed through a wireless area network.

Afterwards, I showed him what I’ve done so far. I was so proud with what I have accomplished until he started showing me the websites that he has created for his clients around the world. Okay! That humbled me again.

After lunch, the real work starts. So far we already have a working website that can insert data to the database. And, not to boast, the website is almost an exact replica of the original system, from the font style to the placing of the buttons. (That’s the magic of Photoshop).

Sir Jovy handed down to us the new features for the system. He now wants a log-in screen, some sample records in the database, a new webpage that users will use to view the transactions, dot dot dot, and the list goes on. But the seemingly hardest part of this all is the fact that it’s my first time working with Joel! I don’t know what he knows, he doesn’t know what I know, and we don’t know what each other doesn’t know. Yet Sir Jovy expected us to work as if we’ve been programming buddies for years!

I acted as the leader. Though I tried to make it as unapparent as possible. I don’t want my partner to think that I am nag-mamarunong, most especially with what I’ve seen from his works. So with his consent, we split the list into two. He’s in charge with the log-in page, I with the database. Then the rest, we’ll figure out later.

While we were working on our separate computers, we casually check each other’s progress. He asks questions, I ask questions, he answers with his stock knowledge, and I answer with Google ~harharhar~ During moments like this, I just rely on Google to minimize context switch in my brain. I’d rather let the computer do that for me.

Working with a partner was a salon pas on my stiff neck. (Sorry for the analogy. Can’t think of anything else. Hehehe)

Before when I was alone, I had no one to talk to about how could I do this or that in PHP. No one would –or- could answer. It was just me, myself and Google the whole time.

<–! Of course there was Sir Neal, but I’m not yet close to him so I’m shy to bother him with googleable questions.  –>

My eyes were focused on my computer alone, like I have a stiff neck. But having a partner eased my stiffness. I am now coding and chatting at the same time. And I spend lesser time with Google now that I have a real time partner to ask.

God said, It is not good for man to be by himself. Afterward, he sent him a helper.

I am a loner. That’s why I always prefer working alone. I have high standards, so whenever a teammate does not meet my standards, I do his job instead. That’s why again, I always prefer working alone. But now I have seen the importance of having someone to be with. Even at least someone to talk to.

By the end of the day, Joel and I finished more than half of our tasks. Sir said we’ll just continue them tomorrow. I went home carrying with me a new perspective about life and partnership. There are a lot of new things happening to me, starting yesterday. And I’m anticipating for more.

Lesson for the day:

We all need each other in some way or another. Live with this lesson or live alone.


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