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May 3, 2010

Seventh Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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My feet hurt from the hiking yesterday. Yup. You heard it right, I had my day off yesterday and went hiking.

When I arrived at JSP, there were only five of us. Sir Jovy, Sir Neal, Dave, Joel and I. I guess the AMA boys have something in their school. Oh well.

I asked Joel about what he did yesterday. He said: Wala. There was bitterness in the word. Promise! Hahaha! He said that since we have finished our tasks two days ago, there was nothing left to do for him. (While I was struggling my way to the highest peak of the Mt. Makiling. Extreme!)

How I wished that we would be resting today also, because I need one. But wish not granted. Sir Jovy handed us the new module for the system: the Maintenance Tab wherein admin users can add, edit, and delete secured data from the database. Like before, we divided the tasks into two.

After a few hours, Sir Jovy called us for the testing of our system (without the new module yet). We went to the CSI Department (stands for I don’t know; definitely not crime suspect investigation). But bad news. They don’t have Firefox installed in their PCs. Aww… 😦 Some of our system features do not work in IE. Joel said that it’s due to some of the table properties. So the testing was postponed. (Sadly, we do not have permission to install FF on their PCs. Other people are in charge of that).

I came back to IT. Disappointed. That’s life.

God cheered me up by showing my complete grades in CRS. As of last Tuesday, I still have one grade missing – that is, in CS 192. When I checked my Gmail, Sir Kyl sent us an email saying that our grades are posted already in the CRS.

I won’t tell anymore what I got in CS 192. I don’t want to boast. The only clue I can give is that it’s not lower than uno. Hahahaha!

Going home, I can’t still believe that I got uno in 192. Then I remembered how I worked really hard for the course, twice harder than in my other subjects.

God reminded me how I sowed a good seed in this. And how I nurtured it with perseverance and hard work. After the pain is the pleasure. Now, I am enjoying the fruits of my labor.

That’s why I am more determined to work just as hard with my OJT. Because I know that what I sow now, I will soon reap.

Lesson for the day:

Every good tree produces good fruit.
Every bad tree produces bad ones.
As I’ve said, what you sow now, soon you will reap.


JSP · Mt. Makiling · Matt 7:17


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