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May 3, 2010

Third Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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I got new shoes!

They’re called ESD shoes (short for electrostatic discharge). Every person, employee and manager alike, wears these for safety and cleanliness (and electrostatic discharge). For two days I’ve been walking inside the building feeling quite unclean because I’m not wearing any white ESD shoes yet. Oh well. At least now I already have.

Today I worked a little bit harder to finish all that’s in my tasks list. With few things left to do, I got more time to talk with my other co-interns.

Aside from ensuring that the forms are validated and that errors are properly caught, I did nothing else except laughed discreetly at the jokes of my co-interns. I even think I laughed more often than spend time finishing my job. So I’ll dedicate this blog to them instead.

My supervisor seats at table 1. Sir Neal sits at 2. And the rest of us are on the shared tables. No one is at seats 3 and 4 yet.


Dave is this big guy who wears his hair back like a lion’s mane. His seat is front of me at table 5 (which means I’m on table 6).

The first time I sat on my comfy chair, I haven’t realized that my legs are trespassing the other side. Then Dave shouted his joke saying: Nagkikiskisan na kami dito ng legs ni Paul eh. And everyone laughs, including me.

Dave studied at San Beda College. He handles the tech support of the company.

AMA Boys

The next table is the territory of the AMA boys. Obviously, they all study at AMA. They are separated into two groups. JR, Kuya Kevin and Dons are assigned with a system (which is part of their thesis also), while Luis have his own system that he builds together with Sir Jovy.


At seat 7 is JR, the leader of the gang. As Kuya Kevin puts it, he is the smartest in their group. JR has an elder brother in the group but I thought he was the older one. Maybe because he always takes in charge.


In front of JR is the reason why I am at JSP now. It’s Kuya Kevin. He was my schoolmate back at high school, and is my churchmate now. I believe that he was God-sent because at the second that I was to make up my mind to not pursue my OJT, he came and told me that there are more slots at JSP.


Behind me is Luiz, the lone wolf in the pack. You might think that because Luiz is alone in the system that he’s been assigned to then he might be a loner. Well, you thought wrong. (But if it’s me, then you’re correct. Hahahaha) Luiz is actually a friendly person. Alongside with Dave, they always kept the room filled with hahaha’s. I think he’s the youngest among them all. He looks like one.


And finally, the most special in the group: Donzan. He is the center of attention. Everyone’s on the watch on his next move.

There’s a lot going inside of Dons than the rest of us actually. He has his own special world, that most of the times, we find funny and entertaining. But all of us understand Donzan. We treat him extraordinarily normal.

And these are my co-interns. Well, except Dave. At first I thought he was part of the AMA boys because he was so close to them until Kuya Kevin oriented me about him.

As God puts it, there’s a time for everything. A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate.

And this is the time for me to enjoy the company of my new comrades. Just as having my new set of ESD shoes, I am as excited to walk the rest of my OJT with my brand new friends.

Lesson for the day:

Cherish every moment that God gives you. It has been planned long long ago, so just savor it.


JSP · San Beda College · AMA · Eccl 3:1-8


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