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May 3, 2010

too lazy to work

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I said to myself ..”even if today is a non- working holiday, i should “TRY” to be productive as much as possible and work on my ojt tasks.”
Before i went to sleep last night, i wrote on my post-it

As i woke up this morning i was feeling soooo lazy and wasn’t on my workaholic mindset. i stayed in bed just before lunchtime , ate my brunch and then again went to bed. As i opened my laptop to check my facebook, i saw the post-it still without any checks on the list. I said to myself ..”it’s still 1pm, i still have a lot of time, i’ll work on it later this afternoon.”

Little did i know i was so entertained in watching tv and spent most of the afternoon sleeping (again!). When i woke up, i looked at the time and was alarmed that it was already 4:30 pm and i still haven’t started anything yet on my tasks. “Ooohhh noooo”!!

i jumped out from bed, opened my laptop, tried not to open my facebook page, and started typing ..

I was halfway in finishing my driver class and then i decided to check and finalize the fill-up page.

With all the sleep i had for the day payed off because i was so exhausted as i cram myself to finish my tasks. Lesson learned. Don’t force yourself to work on holidays.  :p


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