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May 4, 2010

Chikka Week #3b — Fire Fire Fire!

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The most action-packed work day ever?

Different campuses, different curricula

Back in Wednesday, I left the office having done majority of the tasks assigned to us, which is sort of a mobile application where the user can text certain input that our application will handle in case you forgot.

Diel and Aica finished the task assigned to them on Thursday.  Their task is fundamentally the same as ours, however it is much simpler.  The reason for this is because Aica only needs to do 180 hours (as dictated by our curriculum), while Diel needs to do 240 hours because that is what DOST requires, as she is a scholar.  However, my partner Iehl needs to do 300 hours (UP Manila curriculum), and on top of that they have do report at school every Friday, which explains why we got the more complicated task.  They supposedly also attend to exams about the internship, but really, what the heck would the exam be about?  ‘Write a short biography of Chikka’s founders’ ?.

(Remark #1:  Sir Rom, thank you for requiring us to report through blogs instead of oral reports.)

(Remark #2:  Iehl never had any exam so far anyway, so lol.)

Like Aica I only need to work for 180 hours, but even before I applied to any company I already planned to spend the whole summer working.  Luckily (for me), Iehl needs to do 300 hours, so I might as well do 300 hours with her.  I didn’t really want to be the sole intern left at the department, which would be so awkward, even if I’m starting to feel “at home” at the office.  I don’t have any summer plans anyway, and even if I’d love to go for a swim, I never had a chance in 5 years.

Please leave a message

Thursday was a bit of a headache.  While I didn’t get to write a lot of code, I spent a lot of hours studying the company’s library more thoroughly.  Using old sample project given to us, I traced how stuff works, what each method in the library does, and so on.  I asked sir Joel a lot of questions, although he pointed out that I shouldn’t really bother studying the library because it should be read-only.

The problem is that since we’re using a PHP, which is type-inferenced.  That means the data type is automatically determined given a value.  This isn’t much of a problem when each entry in the library is well-documented, but it’s not the case for a few important entries.  There were some methods which returned a variable, but I had no clue about its data type.  Heck, sometimes I don’t even know what the input value should be like, because it lacked both internal and external documentation, so I ranted about it on a programming forum.  I ended up having to test each of those through the excessive use of echos, and writing more detailed comments.

We hoped to have finished the project by Thursday, but we just couldn’t, even though we left the office at around 6:15pm.  Well at least we left the office with just very minor issues with the project.

Finished the project by Friday at around 1:30pm (Iehl left 30 mins for their report).  Tested it several times before informing sir Joel.  He just told to wait for him to finish his stuff so we can test our project on Chikka’s servers, which means I have around 3 hours left to burn.  We took pictures around lunch time, which are supposed to be the only pictures for our blog reports.

At Chikka, we are required to submit daily status reports to our team lead where we should indicated what we’ve accomplished that day, and what are our pending tasks.  I wrote and sent mine which was pretty short.  Since Aica and Diel already finished their task the previous day, they practically sent a blank status report (hahaha XD).

I just browsed the internet afterwards.  Nothing is blocked, but obviously I never go to sites where I shouldn’t be going.  This is another reason why I love Chikka.


Around 3pm, the annual fire drills were held, which means the elevators are shut off and there are demonstrations at the entrance of Tektite.  Our uppers told us that we should participate since we had nothing to do.  Aica and Diel were pretty reluctant, but come on this only happens once a year so I had to egg on them to participate the drill.

First step?  Take more than 300 of them down the fire exit to go to the ground floor all the way from the 31st floor.

That’s me and Aica — or rather Aica and me — somewhere around the 20th floor fire exit.  Diel took the pic.  She brought her digicam this time.  I’m not gonna post that other pic with Diel because my eyes were closed for the second time that day (FAIL).  I was starting to question my decision to go to the ground floor because the elevator wasn’t working.  I did not like the idea of climbing 62 sets of staircases on a hot summer afternoon.

Anyways, at the ground they had mocked up stuff where they brought “victims” on a stretcher into ambulances.  A firetruck had an extended ladder and was pumping water on the windows, while there were rescuers rappelling from around the 4th floor.

Lots of people gathered outside, most of them employees from the building.  I wonder how many of them are honestly pleased that they had a legitimate excuse to leave the office and maybe have a drink at Starbucks afterwards?  😛

They had a fire extinguisher tutorial after the demonstrations.  They pulled a couple of volunteers to test the extinguishers on the goblets on fire they conjured.  Tell you what:  it STANK.  They burned plastic, and on top of that the winds blew both the acrid smell and the ammonium phosphate from the fire extinguisher towards our direction.  Not sure if the latter should smell horrible, but seriously, the thick fumes STANK.  I wondered if this is how it feels like to inhale teargas.

Because of that, me, Aica and Diel thought that we should go back up, since it was also pretty hot.  Too bad the roped the main entrance to force the people to watch the demonstration.  We’re not ballsy enough to dare jump over the ropes, so we took a hidden passage through Starbucks like everyone else.  I wanted to have a cup, but we left our money upstairs.

Once we got in, elevators are still turned off.  Well, it turned on 5 minutes later so lucky for us.  When we got back up the 31st floor, we found out that it was traditional that people get ice cream after the fire drill, so we fell in line with the rest of the workers from our floor.

I just realized that I’m the youngest person at Chikka, and most likely the tallest.  I have yet to meet someone here who was taller.  v_v



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