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May 4, 2010

Flippy (Flipbook)..

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Our next big project is….. tedennnn…. a Flipbook.  What is a Flipbook?  A Flipbook, as the name implies, a flipping book in your PC where pages can be turned like you are reading a true book.  Audio files and video files can also be added in it.  It’s really amazing and overwhelming at the same time.  We were like “Can we do it? Can we?”.  We are currently researching about it and it takes us quite a while to spot the right materials for our project.

We’ve stumbled upon a site where it offers an open source pageflip.  We hope that it’ll really help us out.  We need to be more positive, I need to be more positive. WE CAN DO IT!  Our bosses once said that if we finish this flippy, there might be a chance that the company will hire us for good.  Hmmm… WE CAN DO IT!!

It’s been a long weekend.  To be more productive, I continued researching about flipbooks at home, and it was not quite successful. 😐


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