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May 4, 2010

subject to change

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Week four greeted our team with a handful of meetings with Mary and JC. I have only just begun to understand just how difficult it is to design an effective user interface for any program/module. The user is always top priority; all features of the program must be easily located by the user, the terms used must never be any technical jargon that they may not understand, et cetera.

When a group brainstorms, after a while, the ideas pile up and start to overcomplicate the module (I remember this happening when we, the interns, discussed a possible UI for an advanced search function)–even when the new ideas suggest features that are unnecessary.

But in this stage of development, I suppose we need all the ideas we can get before we meet with the people who’ll be using the module. Because until then, none of the designs or the features is final. In fact, Sir Kyl and Ma’am Via gave us due warning that everything we’ve been designing is still subject to change. Fortunately, we all kept that in mind while we worked, so if any sort of overhaul is to be done (though I really hope there won’t be), we’re prepared enough to not be too thoroughly disappointed. 😛 Our meeting with the future users of the module is tentatively scheduled on the second or third week of May.


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