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May 5, 2010

Back to Work…

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I only started my work week this Wednesday since I had to assist during the Freshmen Advanced Registration yesterday. Instead of sitting down all day and staring at my iMac, I had to run around and say my mini welcome speech a hundred times. Yes, I did say it a hundred times.

Now that I was back to work, I knew that I had to catch up with my weekly goals. I thought that I was going to be given a new task since Sir Mike informed me about it. However, I wasn’t able to see Sir Mike today so no new task was given to me.

I am a bit relieved and happy about not getting a new goal. And it is not because I don’t like working. I’m just worried about not finishing my goals. I have this fear of work piling up and I’m not able to accomplish any of them.

Current Progress

Since I didn’t have any additional work, I decided to edit the current work I have done. I also created the javadocs of the code that I have added and I fix my code a bit so that it’d look better. Hehe…

I also read up on how to create java applications that send mail, since I do have to send the forgotten password to the email of the user. I kind of got acquainted with Javamail however my attempts on sending an email all failed 😦 Oh well, that’s life. But I am still trying, I’ve pin-pointed the problem and it has something to do with the properties of the mail service I’m trying to use to send my mail.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Yes, I have to write about this too… Hehe.

While we were on our break mode, I introduced Mich and Isa to a game called Robot Unicorn Attack. I just wanted to show them how fun and addicting the game was. And well, they got addicted to it. Mich was the one who got addicted to it the most. I did play the game, but I only played it 2 or 3 times, promise 🙂

Mich and Isa playing RUA

I guess I can say that today was one of my less tiring days of work. I was able to do some proper coding and I got my hatred for reading and read up on GWT and Javamail. Plus, I was able to show 2 people the wonders of RUA. So this was one of my happier and lighter days at work.


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