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May 5, 2010

The I in MIC: Innovation

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Yesterday, Sir Tim, along with Ma’am Mellie, came here at the MIC to discuss ideas on how to use Multipoint in creating applications.

A Mouse Innovation

Multipoint has already been used to create educational applications and games. One is Mouse Mischief, an extension to Microsoft Office’s Powerpoint. This innovation lets you put questions and polls on Powerpoint presentations to serve as test for the students.

Mouse Mischief

Other applications are educational games designed for young students in order to test their motor skills and how receptive they are to lessons taught to them. Games including colors, vocabulary words, pictures or numbers presented to them in this creative way will surely capture their attention and focus.


This time, our task is to think of other fields where Multipoint can be used, think how to exploit the potentials that this technology offers.¬†We suggested possible projects that can be done in two weeks time and listed the “must have” and “nice to have” features that we can think of.

Board Discussion Picture (c/o Joy Villena)

We came up with these:

1. FGD/Feedback Forms

2. Poll and Survey Forms

3. Designing

4. Group Games

5. Group Orders

Considering the time constraint and the suggestions above, I might be creating a program for feedback and poll/survey forms. My target is to create my on must-have-and-nice-to-have list (program specifications) by the end of the week. And, before I end this post, I want to share an interesting stuff I learned from the discussion. Well for me this is new.

An innovation is not necessarily a discovery. To create something new out of an existing matter is already an innovation.”

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