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May 6, 2010

Project Manager

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Our task as of now is to build a multiplayer, Comet web-based game, called Project Manager. In this game, a player is to be like a real PM where he can bid projects based on how fast he thinks he can finish the project, hire developers, allocate resources, deal with things such as holidays, brownouts, etc. He also has attributes such as reputation and money which he can gain or lose during the course of the game.

Being on the Server side of the project, we have to handle the networking part of the game by implementing a technology called Comet. For people like me who haven’t heard of it until recently, Comet is the same technology used in Facebook chat and updates, GMail, and Meebo. It is where the end user can receive updates from the Server, or CometServlet in our case, without requiring any activity on the user side. The user doesn’t have to reload the whole page to see updates because the Server will automatically push data to the user. This, in turn, would mean that the user’s request would have to wait at the Server until it has something to give back to the user. A more detailed discussion of Comet here.

Last week, we already had to be finished with the framework of the Servlet. As of now, we are still fixing some bugs and trying to make it run faster and without any lags.

That’s it for now.

– Lynzle :]


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