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May 6, 2010

Today is not wash day ^____^

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Time is fast. I thought today was Friday but it’s not. Today is Thursday! Today, I thought it was Friday because my cellphone calendar says it’s Friday…but it’s not. I wore the wrong dress code today, but fortunately, I was not the only one. But I feel weird because I know that today is not a wash day. I should be wearing leather shoes but I wasn’t able to because I kept on thinking today is Friday because of my stupid cellphone.

Today, I continued on working on the reporting tool and was finally able to "finish" making some changes. However, the peak of the activities of a programmer wasn’t performed–i.e. thorough testing.

To be honest, I relied on going over my code repeatedly. Then 3pm arrived. I said to Ma’am Joyce that the project was ready except that it only needs to be tested actually.

During the development, I used Notepad++. When I was about to compile the code, there were errors related to packages. Then the errors were corrected. We had some trouble fixing import issues using Netbeans.

Finally when everything was fixed, I ended up seeing the error message found at the end of this message.

I really want to finish this project. It’s just that things are not working right.

Tomorrow Ma’am Joyce will assign me a new project but tonight I plan to install Oracle RDBMS in my laptop. I really want this project work.


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