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May 6, 2010

Week Two @ Smart

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Week 2. Monday was a holiday and it was very good. It made me so happy that I don’t need to go to Makati for the internship and I don’t need to go through the very tough transportation system to go there (eg. jeep-train-jeep).

This Tuesday, we processed my application for access at Smart’s development servers. I filled out and online form and Ma’am Joyce told me to wait. So I waited. In the mean time, I continued studying the 862-line source code. It was a challenge. Even though the source code followed coding standards and the code was really readable, the algorithm was not.

In the afternoon, Ma’am Joyce gave me a feedback and this time, she told me that I need to fill out a form, which was not online. I filled out the form and I let my immediate supervisor sign it and my supervisor’s immediate head sign it also.

This Wednesday, I was also able to get my on-the-job trainee ID. Unlike regular employees’ ID, my ID can’t be used for opening the doors, even to where I am working. If you want to know how strict Smart is in terms of security, just remember the Department of Computer Science, and in the entrance of each laboratory, remove the keypad and emergency button before every door.

Today, I continued studying the code. It was too tough. Studying someone else’s source code is really really tough. Although the black box analogy applies to some parts of the source code, majority of the implementation cannot be hidden from me.

Majority of the technologies in my program are all made in Smart.

Also, I was surprised that in the corporate world, there are really people whom you call System Administrators, which you need to call if you want to install programs in your workstation.

I was able to modify the source code and I think I have met the specifications. Unfortunately, I still do not know if my reporting tool is working because it has not been executed. I asked Ma’am Joyce for the update for server access and she said there it usually takes two days up to a week to get an approval from the System Administrators group, which was not found at the 22F of Smart.

Although I am the only intern here at the 22F, I am still happy because of the employees around me. They told me, just do my job and who knows, it would be much easier for me if I apply for employment here.

I hope by tomorrow, or even by Friday, I have access to the development servers because the project is too easy and it’s just that I can’t run the project because I don’t have access to the data from the database.

Oh yeah, I attached a picture of Smart’s marker along Ayala Avenue in case you are wondering if you are really at the Smart towers. I can’t post some pictures inside the office because I am not authorized to post or take a picture of them yet.


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