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May 7, 2010


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With my co-Ayala interns at the Ayala Museum

It is again the time of the week when we wear business attire, go to a different building and travel to the corporate world. This time, the Ayala interns gathered in the Makati Stock Exchange. The first part of the morning was dedicated to a career talk. I expected a presentation/lecture showing the different career opportunities in the Ayala Group of Companies. But instead they invited a panel which consists of Fedelina Corcuera (BPI), Jay Alvis (Honda), Dexter Quibuyen (Manila Water), Lissa Sumpaico (Globe, yeah!), JP Orbeta (HR Mall), Korinee Paulino (AyalaLand) and JL Lagos (Stream Global Services). Gabby Meija of HRMall acted as the mediator. Not all of the panelists are from HR but all of them are big guys in the AGC.

Honestly, I still get starstruck-ed when I get a chance to meet big guys from well known companies (and their credentials are pretty overwhelming, for a college student like me). They told us what they look for in aspiring employees and told us about their career stories. Most of them had first jobs that were totally different from their current line of work.

We went to the Ayala Museum for a talk on Leadership and a tour — for free! 🙂 Mr. Bill Luz, VP of Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) introduced us to AFI and the Ayala Museum. He related the topic of leadership to the national elections.

The tour was pretty quick since we had a tight schedule. I want to go back there sometime in the future, hopefully this schoolyear (students get discounts).

We walked back to the MSE to have our lunch at the penthouse. It was my first time to walk in the streets of the Central Business District of Makati. The place is still unknown to me; it’s like I’m not in the Philippines. :))

Lunch at the penthouse

Lunch was also quick, we still have one last talk for today. Gigi Rapadas, General Manager of HRMall, Inc., talked about Presentation Skills. I wonder if she ever felt pressured about speaking in front of us, considering her topic. :)) But well, she was witty and a great speaker. The coverage of the talk was long, but I tried to listen to everything because next schoolyear, I will have to do a lot of presentations (thesis + org). To summarize her talk, being a great speaker not only requires skill and experience but also good preparation.

After today’s activities, I really felt inspired and motivated. I am also grateful for being part of the Ayala Summer Internship Program because it’s evident that they really invest in us.

From now on, I’ll be thinking more about which career I want to pursue. =)


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