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May 7, 2010

Expression Studio

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I have watched tutorial videos for Silverlight and Expression Studio, read articles about them and tried some ready-made samples in Expression Studio.

Expression Studio

It’s basically a compilation of software for lay-outing, designing and creating web and Windows-based applications.

Consider these to have an idea:

Expression Studio is to Adobe Creative Suite

1. Expression Blend is to Adobe Flash

2. Expression Design is to Adobe Photoshop

3. Expression Encoder is to Adobe Encore

4. Expression Web is to Adobe Dreamweaver

Expression Blend

I tried Expression Blend since I might use it for the Multipoint integrated project that we shall submit at the end of May. For this project, I’m planning to create a dynamic web-based poll/survey form.

Here are some interesting things about Visual Studio and Expression Blend. When creating a C#-based Silverlight application, both programs can be used, depending on what type of user you are — Expression Blend is more designer-friendly while Visual Studio is more programmer-friendly.

The good thing is, if you’re good on both programming and designing, you can have both of them running at the same time. When you update your code in Visual Studio, changes will be reflected on Blend.

A Visual Studio Project

An Expression Blend Project

Note that the project in Visual Studio is the same as the project displayed in Expression Blend. Both tools are in sync with one another.

Technology Presentation

Before starting with the project, I have to prepare for a presentation on Tuesday.

Aside from submitting a prototype of our individual projects by the end of May, another requirement is to share what we’ve learned from the reading assignments and videos that we checked out.

We will be inviting students to be our audience for this knowledge sharing sessions. We shall present Multipoint and Silverlight to them and let them have a hands-on experience with the tools and software afterwards.

Well, it’s a bit of a challenge but sure, it’s an application of our self-study. I hope our guests won’t eat us alive.


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