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May 7, 2010

Week1 recap

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(this is a week late so I’ll be talking about last week, sorry)
Last week was our real, actual start at 1150 Technologies, Inc. after being asked to report two weeks prior to be briefed about what we were going to be tasked to do. Our main job is to create reports from the database for a project for one of their clients. This is done using SQL and Crystal Reports.
There are 7 of us interns: 2 from UPD, 2 from Ateneo, 3 from UPLB. For the first couple of days, we installed the software we needed, MS SQL Server and Visual Studio 2008, which includes Crystal Reports.  We had problems with the installation so it took longer than expected though.
Sir Vener, a senior developer, was assigned to train us in using the software. We began with a sort of review of SQL commands as well as lessons on others that we hadn’t encountered before. Sir Vener uses a teaching approach that is similar to classroom learning. That is, he explains first the concepts we need to know, demonstrates is and walks us through it, and then gives us exercises/tasks so we could practice and learn.
By the end of the week we had started learning how to use Visual Studio, such as how to integrate the SQL commands we did in MS SQL Server into Visual Studio and how to display tables and query results from there.
So basically the week was spent learning and familiarizing ourselves with the software we’re going to use. Coming up next: Crystal Reports

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