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May 8, 2010


Blog Post #4

I’ve been using Windows for the the longest time and I told myself to try using Linux for the course of the project. I’ve tried Linux (Mint and Ubuntu) but it never made a great appeal on me and found myself going back to Windows. But this time, all I wanna do is to uninstall Windows in my laptop and switch totally to Linux. First of all, it’s way way way faster and second — IT’S FREE!

Last week, we have been doing demonstrations and testing of the Main Office UI.  Revisions were given after every demonstration. They expect us to finish the Main Office UI this monday and do some checking on Tuesday. We will be shifting in the Remote Office UI on Wednesday.

The project will be run on Linux and using Windows is not an option for me. I found it geekier to execute commands on the terminal.  BTW, Lucid Lynx is out.



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