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May 8, 2010

Yay! I got an email… from myself :)

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Here’s proof that I have had some progress with my work 🙂

My email 🙂

Sorry for the jejemon email post…. I just had nothing to do and some free time on my hands….

I have to say that I am happy with what I was able to finish for this week. I finally finished the task given to me this week. I was able to create the Retrieve password module which included getting the password and sending it to the email of the user.

However, since the current entries in our database do not have valid email addresses, I had to send the passwords to my own email. I guess I’m entirely finished after all. But it’s okay, at least the bulk of the work has been done 🙂

Oh yea, I have received my new task, now I have to create the inbox. We’re trying to pattern Orange with GMail and I feel that this is going to be another hard task.  But I think I can do this. I just hope that it wouldn’t take me as long to get it done as my last task… Hehe….


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