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May 9, 2010

A Brain-wrecking Wash Day

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May 7, 2010. MAKATI CITY, PHILIPPINES—Paul Vincent Contreras finally did it right. He wore the correct attire on the correct day of the week.

(shift from third person to first person 😀 ) This day was a very tough day. Finally I was able to run the project and I was able to start debugging the project. There were some settings in NetBeans that I was able to tweak and because my workstation’s version of Java Runtime Environment was a little out of date from the Netbeans that I was using, I was able to run the project by running the java.exe found at the JDK folder.

Again, I’ll reaffirm my statement in my past couple of blog posts—It is very hard to read and debug someone else’s code.

This day, finally, Ma’am Joyce told me that I now have my Smart account for use in accessing Smart’s servers and of course, to use Microsoft Outlook and Office Communicator. I didn’t know that they were really useful, especially in the enterprise. For Smart, I think they are doing the best they can to avoid using the outside network—that is the internet. If they can optimize the intranet, they will. And that’s what they do. Since they are also an internet service provider, they did a smart choice. They don’t want to use the internet just to transmit data on the other side of the room or to the officemate found at a different floor. Instead of standing up to go to your officemate who may be tens of meters away, you can just do a chat, unless it is really necessary to talk to that person in person.

It was also my first time to see someone use Remote Assistance. Remember in Windows that there are what we call rights assignment? Well you observe them in large enterprise. You don’t need to be in the room just to install program. When one of the staff updated the runtime environment in my workstation, I was just surprised to see that my mouse move without me moving it. He logged on as an Administrator and did the installation.


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