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May 9, 2010


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We could not finish our mock-up by Friday– but that’s okay, our presentation has been scheduled for Wednesday. I know we’ll make it on time though. Even if there were suggested corrections for our presentation, my fellow interns and I plus our supervisors have already managed to do the bulk of the work.

What’s left for the mock-up?  The pages of result view sans the graphs have all been completed (the graphs themselves have been coded– and even already test-attached to the model, thanks to our skillful Jaye). The corrections for the employee search UI still has to be implemented.  There was an additional requirement for results viewing, but Maxine has it covered. Things seem to be going smoothly.

I’m really having fun, and I’ve learned so much as a CRS intern. They weren’t kidding when they told me it would be an interesting experience. I think I’m getting the hang of being there. I wonder about the hours, though. We’re not required to be there the whole time– more on just getting the work done. It’s just, sometimes we get so carried away with programming that we stay there later than we expect (as in, the moon is out and rides going out the campus are rare). I read an article once that most programmers had this culture of being workaholics– is that true? Or do people just become completely nocturnal once they get involved with programming?

Even if some of us won’t admit it, a lot of us do have the tendency to code until the break of dawn (cranking up machine problems). Most feel that they can work better at night. So we sleep at day and code at night. A lot of us are pale because we are in need of a decent amount of sun exposure. Oh dear, I’m stereotyping– but did you know that my fellow interns and I leave the lights closed at work and code in the dark, blinds shut and all?

Now all we need is glittering clothes, a trashy romance background story, and an insatiable thirst for blood.



(Another disclaimer. I did not take this photograph, nor do i own it. Find it here. )



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  1. Vampire Sam is scary.

    Comment by anonymouse — May 12, 2010 @ 6:00 pm

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