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May 10, 2010

4th week

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4th week is just so unbelievable. This is the week before the last week of classes so I should be expect myself to work harder so that my last week wouldn’t be so stressful (although I kinda have the feeling that it won’t be the last). Harder means more work done/less sleep/less tv/less pb madness…
But just whenever I wanted to give more of myself, some things just won’t go with the flow. Not that I did not do a lot of stuff this week. I really tried to work hardER but I’m sick for the whole week. Monday is holiday so I went to a get-together with my blockmates but right after that I tried to get back to work but I already caught a cold and so I didn’t went to school the next day. Wednesday, I went to school while still not too well but I didn’t expect my condition to worsen. That night I had a fever and for the rest of the week, I have cough and cold but I still went to work that Friday. T.T (I really hate having a cold!!!!!!)


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