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May 10, 2010

After Implementation

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Though we’re almost done implementing the design for our server, tasks such as testing and code review are needed to be done. We were introduced to the JUnit framework and the Jupiter plugin for Eclipse to aid us in those tasks.

Like MP’s, our program has to go a series of testing, but this time we have used the JUnit framework. Usually, in testing the program, the programmer has to run the program as a whole and if an error came up, he still has to trace what method or function was the cause of the error. In JUnit, each method is tested individually so that the programmer could pinpoint which is not behaving the way it is expected to.

Code review is done by reading the each other’s code and finding defects in them. The Jupiter plug-in lets the reviewer highlight a code where he thinks something is wrong. He could identify the severity of the defect as something that could range from trivial to critical. The defect could also be categorized to be a problem about the program logic, or could just be a suggestion for optimization. It’s a nice way to improve the performance of a program.


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