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May 10, 2010

Chikka Week #4a — How to Pass Time for One Week

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It’s always a good idea to finish everything before deadline, nyah!~

Holiday economics?

Monday was a non-working holiday, which puzzled me for a moment.  I know that Labor Day is on May 1, but Monday is the third of May.  If I remember correctly, according to RA9492 holidays that are found in the middle of the week should be moved to Monday or Friday (whichever is nearer), however May 1 is on Saturday.  Why did the government decide to move it to Monday?  To give us a long weekend?  Isn’t this a bit counter-productive?  I thought RA9492 was supposed to be in favor of businesses.

It’s time to kill

Recap:  we have finished all the tasks assigned to us since last week.

We are basically just waiting for sir Joel to check our work, however, all of our uppers are Chikka are quite busy to have our work checked, especially because of the deadlines which were dictated by the election season.  Because of this, we basically had nothing to do for four straight days.

Getting paid to pass time yourself… sounds like someone’s wet dream, but really, it’s not what it’s worked up to be.  One part of you would go “Yay!  Free time, I can do whatever I want!”, but the more ethical part of you would go “It’d be a pretty dick thing to do if I entertained myself while others are hard at work”.  The battle of these two mindsets somehow caused some stress for me.  I needed to do something… that is productive and fun.  I’m not in the mood to study more PHP and MySQL, and I’ve already read the company documents enough to know where to look at in case I needed a quick reference.

Aica tried to study a bit of PHP.  Iehl tried to study our old project a bit.  I noticed that Diel had GIMP installed because she was doing a webpage for her friend, so I asked her for a copy of GIMP.  I installed it on my PC, and spent Tuesday and Wednesday practicing GIMP.

Drawing digitally

I do draw digital art, and used to even regularly do animations for my games, which are ironically frequently interrupted by school work.  However, I only feel comfortable with vector, not raster.  I am absolutely horrible at doing textures with the mouse (as seen in the video), because I just doesn’t “feel right” for me.  The reason why I drew digital art using vectors is that it’s very easy to produce clean art even with the mouse;  heck, I’d rather use the mouse for vector stuff.   Did some sketches, like a cartoon characters (Master Splinter), wolf-based character I created (Akela), and my own portrait.  I can’t upload it here (yet) because I left the files at work, but what turned out wasn’t really good.  I’d post them tomorrow.  Probably.  Or not.

When I felt burned out at GIMP, I turned to Q-Block.  It’s a nice art Flash app I found on the GameFAQs forum where you can draw 8-bit art using voxels, which is basically a 3D pixel.  The image at the top are some samples, which are Trenya and Tigrex from my favorite game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.  I presented those two just as a gift for a forum friend, and she really loved it.  (“OMG! <3”, that’s what she said)

Some more examples are these two, which is the Sentry Gun from Team Fortress 2 and the Awesome Face meme.

Birthday bash

Well, thankfully, there was actually something interesting that happened.  Ma’am Rica had her birthday so we had what I think was bihon, without the soy sauce.  There was also ice cream.  Great to have after a hard day at work (heh).

And yes, I failed for the THIRD TIME.  My eyes are closed yet again.  Why can’t I ever go for a week without doing this? ~x(



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