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May 11, 2010

a tWisTeD day

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i’m behind schedule!!! now the pressure is ON.
these passed few weeks i’ve been very relaxed, thinking i have a lot of time before this ojt ends. it struck me, i have only a few more days left!!! Because of this very unexpected turn of events, even my mood had its unexpected turning of its own. Before i’ve been very jolly, carefree, full of energy..now i’m grumpy, anxious, and soo exhausted. Cramming may work for others, but for me…cramming makes me worse.

Now election day, what  a bad day to bring my unpredictable mood. I was so grumpy because it was a really hot day and there were a lot of people. Anxious because i really wanted to finish voting so i can already start on my ojt work. Exhausted because i had to be in line and found out that my name wasn’t on the list! (it was my first time to vote). So i went back home, searched which precinct i should be in, and rested for a while.

Around 4pm we headed back to the school. I was surprised to see  a few people. No lines, no crowded hallways. Oh that was a glorious moment for me. I finished voting only for 5mins! As i went home, i felt very jolly, carefree and full of energy. Jolly because it was so liberating for me to actually vote. Carefree because i realized i shouldn’t have worried that much about the ojt. Full of energy because i’ve used that same anxiety to pressure myself and work on my ojt work.

I ended my day working on the driver class, “google-ing” online tutorial for jsp, javascript,html and work my way accomplishing my task for the day.

It was indeed a very twisted day. I just realized i am a person doing things i love the most……being unpredictable:)


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