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May 11, 2010

a very tiresome day

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Yes that’s right, that was me. And no i wasn’t sleeping, i was simply taking a nap :p
It was a very tiresome day. The wind was dry. The sun was hot. Good thing somebody invented airconditioner!

As we (me, camille and isa) headed back to dcs after we ate at nismed, it was really hard to start with my tasks at hand. I tried starting with the queries but my eyes kept on shutting. Then i shifted to adding fields in my fill-up page , still can’t fight the drowsiness.I decided to set my laptop to hibernate, pushed it back, laid my arms down, then slept ..i mean napped. (haha)

That nap rejuvenated me. So if you want to get back on track with those deadlines, just sit back , relax for a while, take a time off and for sure you’ll get that right motivation and energy afterwards.


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