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May 11, 2010

Almost Done…

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Blog #8

May 6, 2010 ( Thursday)

I got a lot of work to do for this day.

Finally, I got a change to ask Ja about the Holiday calendar. She directed me to Michael, one Software developer who had worked for the TimeSheet App. I wasn’t expecting the next scenes, Micheal told me that there was not yet any application monitoring the Holiday calendar. Surprised of that fact, I asked him what so far has been done, he showed a short block of code for the structure of each date. That’s it, the structure for each date, with the date and the name of the holiday on that date.

Michael sent the code to me via email. There is already a way of selecting a date in our project, but that is for date picker. What we like is to display a whole calendar for a month and make each holiday on that month visible in the calendar. So I asked Lucar about my problem. He told me to look at richui and try to find something similar to what I am looking form.

While searching for the calendar viewer, Jesicca got my attention to do some editing on the code for the role maintenance, so I set asside the calendar viewer first. After each small editing comes another one, unfortunately I wasn’t able to go back to searching for the calendar viewer. I will continue it tomorrow. We had Dairy Queen before going home ^_^.

May 7, 2010 ( Friday )

Next week is my last week here at O&B.

Today is the last day of one of our team mates, thea. Andrew’s last day should have been also today, but he wanted to extend for another week. We are now left with 4 Devs and 2 BAs. So next week, there will be three of us leaving; Andrew, Jesicca and Me. Making the interns number shrink to 2 Devs and 1 BA.

I continued finding for a better example on how to view a calendar month view. I was not successful. Lunch Break would be good.

We are planning to have Dairy Queen later after office, since it is Thea’s last day. We had problems on version controlling and assigned Thea to manage the different versions of our project. We also had our last Project Planning with the interns complete : (

During the project planning, no new tasks we made, except those that rose from other big tasks. Some enhancements pointed were the improvement in communication with one another and good group work. We ate DQ before going home, kitkat flavor was my order, it was delicious.


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