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May 11, 2010

back in cc

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…since last Friday. Sir Kyl thought that we were already bored with what we were doing at the OUR (or the lack of it). The first day was really exciting and noisy and hot then it died down on the next few days. It’s like the supply of freshies suddenly dropped and so the complaints and requests decreased. Even the RAs were fighting over who gets to enlist the next freshie to walk through the door.

Not that I’m complaining. The atmosphere was much bearable, and we also got to learn a lot of new stuff. We got to explore the database more and practice on our queries. We also got to see the functions and try making our own, then create our own models to access those functions. We were asked to make the course catalog for the new CRS, and so we got to apply these new skills at once.

We also got to hear stories from and about our supervisors. Stories about their student life, how they spent their free time before, and the different and weird people linked to them =)). We were also given a lot of tips on different things, work-related or not. We had a lot of free time didn’t we? 😛

But for me, the highlight of our stay at the OUR was when we were introduced to some of the people working there. We got to meet the people who used our modules first-hand. It was really nice to see and hear that they appreciate our work. Hopefully we get to make more modules in the future that would help everyone Ü

– joanne ü


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