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May 11, 2010

Back to work!

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after another long weekend, now it’s crunch time!!

Barely thirty hours remain before the completion of my required 180 hours, and though we’ve come quite a long way with our project, the learning never ends, and so does the work!

As of this evening, we have finished the integration of two of the main modules, and we’re about halfway through the third. The design needs more polishing but for now we are focusing on the application’s functionality.

Charmane and I stayed at the office today until half past 7 working on one part of our project and wondering so very hard what was going wrong.. In the end we simply arrived at the realization that we are still on the process of grasping how different web applications are from desktop applications. Though i have always known that web applications boast more potential than desktop apps, it took me until now to realize that the power the web holds consequently involves a greater challenge to be harnessed. A much greater challenge indeed.


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