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May 11, 2010

Chikka Week #4b — Monthsary, Yay?

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To celebrate my first month at Chikka, here is a cake, which is a lie.

The drought continues…

Because of election deadline stuff, our uppers will not be able to find time to give us any new project until they were done, so they just told us to maybe wait for next week for a new project.

Thursday basically just rotated to four things:

  1. Art (GIMP, Q-Block)
  2. Forums (GameFAQs, NeoGAF, Peyups)
  3. News (Kotaku, QJ, INQ7)
  4. Socializing (Facebook, MSN, YM, GTalk)

I also listened to tracks from Persona 4, Devil May Cry 3, Okami, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and The Lion King on Broadway, which I brought using my 1GB flash drive.  Well, I always listen to those tracks even if I’m working anyway, obviously through my headphones.

(PS#1.  Don’t buy any flash drive from CDR-King whose plug is made of plastic.  My 4GB broke.)

(PS#2.  We ARE allowed to visit those sites.  They were actually like “lol go browse Facebook or something to pass time”.)

Election-related work

Well, for something new, my partner Iehl got a task assigned to her.  It’s still election-related, and the project is quite similar to the one she finished last week so it was given to her.  I really wish I could have helped her, but I really thought that I’d just slow down the progress by doing so, since she needed to finish it by Friday and I probably would not have enough time to study her previous project.

Half day monthsary

Ma’am Twinkle told us it was completely optional to go to work on Friday since the company would be on an outing, although she’s staying behind.  Well, it was optional for me, Diel and Aica because Iehl needed to finish her work.

Aica took the day off, though she told us she’d have a half-day.  I thought Diel would go for a full day but she actually was only gonna go for a half-day.  I was gonna go work for a full day too, but there’d basically be just me, Iehl and Ma’am Twinkle left at the office, and I can’t really talk to anyone because they have stuff to do.  The combination of boredom and isolation made me decide to just work for 4 hours that day (minimum for interns).  I guess this marks my FIRST MONTH AT CHIKKA YAY.


(I didn’t close my eyes, OMG!)

We took the pics around 12pm, when Diel was about to leave.  I can’t leave till 1pm since I always arrive at work at 9am (we are allowed to arrive up to 10am).  Iehl wasn’t in the picture since she was pretty busy.  In fact, when I left at around 1:30pm she still didn’t have lunch.  Ma’am Twinkle was downstairs for lunch when the pics were taken.

I probably have the whole month of May left.  It makes me sad.  :’ (



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