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May 12, 2010

23 hours of work

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Working on Azeus is fun, but it is very exhausting. Every day (except weekends and holidays), I always look forward on going to work early and going home without thinking of any problems regarding our project.

One day last week, as I was so excited in going home, I forgot to log out from the online time sheet. I just remembered that I forgot to do so the day after it happened, as I logged in the time sheet before work. After logging in, I made a small remark on the time sheet that says that I actually logged out 6:20pm yesterday, then I clicked the log out button for that day.

The time sheet logged 9am, which is the time when I clicked log out. The data in the time sheet tells me that I worked at 9am the previous day up to 9am the following day inclusive of the 1-hour lunch break. Hence, 23 hours of work.

Lesson: always remember to log out on your time sheet before leaving.

– Edgar


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