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May 12, 2010


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The long weekend is over, and work resumes this day. We are almost done with the integration of our project and we only worked a little this afternoon. During the course of the day, we encountered some errors and exceptions in our implementation, but most of them are minor and can easily be solved. We also encountered some problems in the design of the project but our mentors said that it is the task of the other teams to solve those problems because it is not related with the server.

Our supervisor, Sir Zhen, said that if we were able to finish our tasks this week, we will proceed to a new task. He is still thinking if he will give us a task related to the .NET or a task related to Android. I felt excited on what I heard but I whispered to myself: “Sir uwi muna ako”. It was late in the night and I have to go home to write this entry.

As expected, me and my co-interns had a discussion about the National Elections during our lunch break. Voting may have ended yesterday, but the election fever is still high.

– Edgar


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