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May 12, 2010

Eleventh Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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I’m so excited to do my first blog!

I came to work with the zeal to create my first blog. There is a writer wannabe inside of me that has been waiting to get out of the cell for a long time. But first things first: work.

With few things to be done, I gathered myself and dived into the ocean of boredom to find the last pieces of the CHM treasure. In other words: I finished the CHM help file of our system. And I struggled with the waves of boredom all the way.

12 pm I was finished.

Now, it’s time…

… time to eat first. We had Adobado today. It’s adobo plus champorado. Joke! It’s adobo and bopis joined together. Hehehe!

Then after eating is the fun part: doing my first blog. Sir Jovy allows us to do anything we want to do as long as we’re finished with our tasks. That means anything except: playing pc games, facebook-ing, and youtube-ing. Doing my blog is not in the exceptions list so I guess I’m safe.

With a mind refreshed with HTML and CSS (thanks to the Source Inspection System), I decorated my blog using the HTML panel in the Edit Post section. Then I thought of taking it to the next level by inserting javascripts inside. Fail. Javascripts are not allowed in WordPress for the following reason: security.

So there’s a trade-off between security and aesthetics. And security won the trade. Which makes me realize how important security is. At first I was frustrated upon learning that jscripts are not allowed in WordPress. I already have a plan of doing an animated photo album in my blog. But then I realize that my concern is petty compared to the possible thousands of users whose blog has been hacked all because they carelessly put jscripts in their blogposts.

There are times when I grudge on trivial things. Until I open my mind and see the larger picture. And that’s the time when I realize, “Ang babaw lang pala nun.” God tells me that knowledge comes readily to the open-minded man.

I might have not ended with the blog that I first imagined but at least I know that my PC is secured.

Lesson for the day:

Before judging what you see in the horizon, position yourself first in every possible angle of the situation. Then you’ll know.


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