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May 12, 2010


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We had our mock-up presentation today, and we were prepared to be toasted-fried-microwaved! Well… none of that really happened. That’s good, I guess. Tomorrow we might present it to a larger audience (might), so maybe the real hits start then.

How did it go?

We had last minute adjustments to the mock-up, but we finished with around an hour to spare. At 4pm our supervisors gave the overview of the project, and we presented the partial interface (hard-coded) so the module’s flow could be easily visualized.

The team’s efforts seems to be appreciated. There was a lot of constructive criticism. New issues were brought up– and of course, new corrections have to be made. I do understand that everybody just wants the module to be at its best, so all these are welcome. But our audience was restricted to people who ‘knew’ software. I’m curious to know what other types of people would say, especially the administrative staff.

I better rip my heart out and put it in some container. You know, just in case people find themselves wanting to do the same. Then, during presentation, when they do attempt to rip our hearts out and get to me, it would be like, “Ha! I don’t have a heart!”



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