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May 12, 2010

Last Week at O&B

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Blog #9

May 11, 2010 ( Tuesday )

After three days of rest, I am now back to work. Yesterday I casted my vote around 1pm, my finger is very ugly filled with the remains of indelible ink : (

We are still having problems with the version control of our project. Our team mate Thea sent us the compilation of all our previous works, but unfortunately, we cannot make the code work. Errors are occurring in the database part, I think. Thea might have used Windows OS in making this final version, but we are using Linux, I don’t know how to fix that problem. So i decided to return to my previous version of the LeaveApp and continue my work from there.

Red arrived and told us that we are going to proof read some notes again, these task came from the O&B CEO Calen Martin Legaspi himself, so we immediately started proof reading. We divided the notes to all four of us, Alan got the most number of files, 3. Jerick and Andrew got 2, and I got only one ^_^. But that’s fair enough, I still got to talk with Jesicca about their Test Cases, she needs to ask some things to regarding the code.

Since this is the last sprint for me, the team has decided to split the work of andrew to all us Devs. I will finish the GUI of the Calendar function and postpone the making of the functionalities. Tomorrow, andrew will teach us on Role maintenance, particularly in applying the restrictions on each page. The holiday calendar is not so prioritized by the way.

May 12, 2010 ( Wednesday )

Andrew is late ^_^, but no worries, we have a lot of time. He also said that he will not be around tomorrow, so we’ll have to work without him, so we should listen carefully to what he will be teaching us later. The Evaluation form has already been uploaded in the blog site, I send the link to the HR here and he will inform my supervisor ( Sir Red ) to fill it up. The self assessment for is also there, but since the deadline is on may 24, I decided to fill it on a later time.

Andrew discussed everything that he had done in the role maintennce. Jerick and I together with Jesicca, listened carefully to Andrew. Now we are ready to apply the restrictions per page of the LeaveApp. We will have lunch first, all interns together at lunch out.

After having lunch, we went back to work. I first updated the copy I got from andrew, since many changes have been done in my copy of the LeaveApp. Jerick and me started doing the editing of GSP files for the restrictions on roles, while andrew continued on working with the application of levels on each page for each role. Some changes will have to be done on the GSPs, we divided the work between Jerick and me. I also managed the version controlling of our work, the final version will have to be given to Alan, for he will be the one managing the database.

See you tomorrow!!!


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