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May 12, 2010

Reporting Tool Over, New Task Given

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May 11, 2010. The reporting tool project is finally over. It has gone over several testing and Vince Contreras is happy to say that it has reached the release-to-manufacturing milestone.

The reporting tool is finally over. After two and a half weeks of studying someone else’s source code and debugging. The reporting tool was able to do what Ma’am Joyce requires. It needs to add a new column to the HTML attachment file that the reporting tool generates and update the Microsoft Excel attached files.

The technologies involved in the project was pure Java code. Except that the problem is, the program is already existing and you need to tweak the program to accommodate the changes. The program was complicated because it contains 3-dimensional arrays and some server scripts for Oracle RDBMS.

The reporting tool’s task was to read a file that contains comma-separated values, read some table from Smart’s SPS servers (SPS=Service Provisioning System, which I don’t know what that system do).

Later in the afternoon, I was later able to discover that there was a small bug on the function that handles the creation of the Microsoft Excel file. Good thing that I was able to correct it.

After that, Ma’am Joyce gave me my own username and password for the Service Provisioning System. She told me that I need to do regression testing on the said system. Upon searching on the internet what regression testing is, I was able to find out that it is a way of testing software done by a software development methodology called Extreme Programming.

Ma’am Joyce demonstrated me how to use the SPS. It all worked and turned out fine. However, today, May 12, 2010, although I can log on to the system, I suddenly lost my rights to use the system. All the test scenarios that were given to me cannot be performed because I have this shown on my screen whenever I do any of the scenarios/screenshots that were sent to me:

Today, I feel blessed because I was not only able to use WordPress in full feature, but also log on to Yahoo! Messenger not for mere chat, but I logged on to ask for help. I feel very happy because I saw WordPress in a computer browser because the last posts we sent using the Post By Email feature by WordPress. I brought my own laptop into the office and asked one of the people working here to add my MAC address so that I can log on to their network.

If UP Diliman students hate the mechanism by UP Diliman’s proxy servers, consider the restriction mechanisms done by a server software called “Websense.”


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