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May 12, 2010

Tenth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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20 more days to go, and I’m done with my OJT!

It’s my second day working with the CHM help file. Actually I could finish it in a day if only: (1) I have a deadly deadline and (2) it’s not utterly boring to do. So far, I’m half way to finish. So far.

While I was busy doing the help file, my partner busied himself debugging our system. He dare not bother me because of my constant ranting: Uhh ang boring nito! Then he laughs. Dave then jokes back Ganyan pala mga taga-UP. Naboboringan lang dyan. Then everyone laughs.

And to top all of these, Dave plays 2NE1 songs forever that day. (In the eight hours of our stay today, I’ve only heard three songs. All from 2NE1. If only I could understand Korean, I swear I could have memorized it all).

Help file. 2NE1. All of these contributed to making my day monotonous. But thank God there’s one thing that broke the ice: I got my account in the CS 195 blog! Woohoo! And so, as I was traveling home, my mind was occupied with the whole blogging thing. For days, I’ve been reading my friends’ experiences in their work. And each time I read, I get more excited!

When I reached home, the first thing I did was to grab Athena (my laptop) and search for my journal entries since my first day of OJT (yes, I write my diary on my laptop). I’m so excited to do this!

One of the things God taught me today is to practice being patient. It was last week when I heard about the WordPress site from JL. Then Jaye helped me with the things that I should do like sending an e-mail containing this and that info. After a week, I still got no response. At this point I’m really worried because I’m weeks late already. But I still kept composed. Until Camille told me that I should use this certain email of Sir Rom, the one that he usually checks. And voila! I got my account!

Sometimes, I don’t get the things that I want on the time that I want them to happen. But God has his own time, and I know that his own time is always the right time. 🙂

Lesson for the day:

Just as the farmers wait patiently for their precious crops to grow, so must we wait patiently for God’s answers to our prayers.


JSP · CHM · James 5:7


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