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May 12, 2010

Week 2 at 1150

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For Week 2 (last week), we finally moved on to Crystal Reports. But before we could actually create reports, much stuff had to be done.
We had to set up the base framework that is being used for the project, which will be sort of a template for the reports. Settings had to be tweaked, and we learned to create Data Access Objects (DAO) using the Base DAO used for the project. Also, we needed to create datasets from which the data for the reports will be taken. It’s pretty confusing and daunting at first, but after setting up the framework, the work is much simpler.
We started off by integrating the SQL statements we did into reports. That one was simple and involved just dragging and dropping fields to make columns in the report, after all the previous stuff had been set up. When the report was done, the result could be seen on the web app when the code was run.
After that we were tasked to make a more complicated report, involving transaction and order details taken from a sample database for a store. What made it more complicated is that it wasn’t a simple columnar report like before, and also that it involved functions like getting summaries (i.e. getting the total cost) and groupings. It took more time than the earlier report, but we accomplished it. This is a partial screenshot of the report:
It looks simple, but you won’t expect all the stuff that had to be done before that end product was accomplished. Sir Vener did not walk us through making reports as much as he did during the previous week, but it was ok as our tasks were designed to help us learn along the way.

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