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May 13, 2010

Crash Course..ssss

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Freshmen Registration Adventure (part I)

Freshmen Registration was up! And here is my story…

First day: We stayed at the OUR to help and to observe how the happenings after the deployment of what the CRS team has been preparing since the week before. Here also comes the test for our assigned modules!!!Registration had not start yet, we’ve already seen a bug in our module.(Benj’s module and mine has the same problem) When a student no starting with 2010 is being input, the label for the name of that student won’t display… Ohmaygash!!! How come I haven’t tested it using 2010 student nos. in spite the fact that I know my module will be used for them. This is because freshies do not have student profile yet(and we’re using the model fcn accessing this)… Anyway this problem has been resolved quickly … ^_^

By afternoon, though there were so many people and it’s getting hotter (though aircon temp indicates it’s 18 degrees!) I thought everything was okay… Sir Kyl said that there was one student in which my module had not worked… I soon figured it out and made necessary modification to catch the error… I won’t explain the details anymore… Ughhhh how come there are so many cases to check! Rarrr… Lesson learned… it’s not enough to have a program complete and working ( I mean – meeting the requirements/ task) it also have to be robust! It should also be able to recover from unexpected conditions during the operation.

Take note, this just happened in one day! And in this day, I also have had crash course on using VI and postgreSQL querying. I realized that familiarity on using VI is also important, which before I was wondering why make life complicated if you can use a better tool than that! Huh! Too bad for me, I didn’t expect that it would be my only option this time (since we cannot acces the test crs database from there, I had to edit my code directly using VI and PuTTY). Sir Kyl has been very kind and patient to teach us the basics and shortcuts…(Thank you very much sir! ^_^).

And woah this was also the first time, we had access on the real database of crs. Sir Kyl gave us permissions that time so we could help updating the quota for slots in classes etc. We’ve used it to practice querying…( but for select statements only :-b Scared that we might made big mistake accidentally updating what’s not supposed to be changed.)

To be continued…

– ‘A’


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