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May 13, 2010

Eighteenth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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You might be wondering, why I have these <diary> tags for my past few blogs. Well, it’s because I thought that it is becoming time-consuming for me to recreate a journal that I have already written. So I decided to just copy-paste my diary here, edit some phrases, and remove some secrets (it is my diary after all).

<diary edited=“43%”>

Today I’m having Baked Mac for lunch care of 7 Eleven. As I’ve said, there’s no more caterer in the canteen.

Yesterday, I forgot to say that Dave, Luiz and JR were off to an OB (Official Business) trip outside JSP. Today, it was Kuya Kevin’s turn to join Dave.

It’s me and the time keeping system again. I don’t have time to blog anymore. (Actually, I’ve already made my Day 14, I just don’t have the time to blog all of them) I’m having progress with my project now, I believe, because I can code now with less tutorials.

But at some point I got stuck. Out of the blue, the button that I have inserted cannot be right-clicked. I can’t move it, resize it, or change its properties. I was stuck with that stupid button for 3 hours figuring it out. I typed every possible query to Google. None answered my problem. Then I stopped for a while and prayed to God for a miracle. Prayer answered. Suddenly (I don’t know what I did) everything’s back to normal again. Weird. But thank God.

Aside from that button-shiz-thing, I also helped Joel with his resignation letter. He got hired at Nestle and he’ll be starting next Tuesday. Aww… we’ll miss him. Anyway, back to the letter. I was really challenged when JR told Joel: Yan oh, patulong ka kay Paul. Taga-UP yan eh. The pressure! I’m not even good in English formal writing! I only got dos in my Eng30 class. Sometimes, being an iskolar ng bayan is a real pain in the brain (I’m supposed to say butt – or other words for it – but I just used brain. It rhymes eh.) But anyway, I tried my best to come up with smart words. And even tried harder to remember Miss Calderon’s (my Eng30 prof) words of wisdom.

We celebrated the day by eating merienda. Since the remotion of the canteen caterers, we have had no meriendas every afternoon. But today, Manong Tindero came to JSP bringing some bananaque and lumpia and palabok. Yey food!


It’s the end of the week. My blog entries are getting stacked one on top of another. But I don’t worry about it. God will give me the time for that.

Lesson for the day:

Sometimes, when we are faced with seemingly little problems, we don’t dare bother God with them anymore. We think that God is too busy with bigger prayers like help save the earth, or protect the coming election, or heal a dying love one. But for God, no prayer is big or small. As long as it is whole-heartedly said, God values it.

So if anyone needs wisdom to know the right thing to do, just ask God, and he will definitely give the solution. (Or maybe, like what happened today, he may actually do the solution miraculously)


JSP · James 1:5


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