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May 13, 2010

Fifteenth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Everything’s finally settled now. At last.

I came to JSP with the feeling of a brand new person. I really can’t explain why, but it felt like it was the first day of my work.

Déjà vu.

But the reminiscence turned to melancholy when I saw the deserted place. ~ sigh ~ Life must go on.

It felt a little strange to see countable people inside the building. Before, there were lots of people talking with restraint, chatting while at work. Now, I can only hear a voice or two floating midair, fading softly with the silence of the room, nothing to interfere with.

Good morning Sir Neal! Even though I don’t see yet the goodness in the morning, I declared it as is. It will be a good day.

The project. Yes. Let me talk about the project. Since Sir Jovy left us ~huhuhuhu~ we have already finished the system we were tasked to do. It’s ready for use, but sadly no one’s going to use it. (We learned that the department needing the system was cut off from the company as well) It’s a sad story; working hard for something that is useless. Well… I don’t think it’s useless. In fact, I’ve learned a lot from it: PHP, Javascript, a li’l bit of Ajax and JQuery, CSS and HTML, CHM Help Files, and of course cheatlist-free MySQL.

So our system might not be of any use, but it’s okay. The experience behind its development was priceless.

Now, we’re stuck with nothing to do. I asked Sir Neal yesterday about his plans for the rest of our OJT. He told us to wait until he thinks of a good project. Today, he hasn’t found one yet because a lot of departments were removed from the company together with the managers.

Not to waste time, I asked my teammates to just improve our system for the meantime by making it object-oriented. I thought that since Alyssa and Moises knew Java, it would be a great help for them in studying PHP because they could use their knowledge about OOP. It may not be productive but at least it would give us something to do and something to learn with.

Only the three of us worked in the new project. Joel was busy with his application to Nestle, so I thought not to engage him with our pseudo-project. Anyway, I started making the initial PHP classes first, and then afterwards, I let them do the other classes. Of course, I taught them a thing or two about PHP-OOP.

After lunch, Joel finally left us and went to Nestle (which is just nearby, like DCS to Palma Hall). Also, I almost forgot, the AMA boys were all absent because it was their card giving today.

But we continued with our work. Just go on.

Until Ma’am Pat, the HR Assistant Manager (and the only person left at HR… how sad), came and asked me if I could make a time keeping system for her. I said yes, of course, because 1) I had no choice and 2) I had nothing to do. My only problem was my two teammates. What would they do? I was the promoter of the let’s-turn-the-system-to-object-oriented project, and the suddenly I’ll leave everything to them.

I got home with this new dilemma in mind. But soon, I stopped worrying about it. God helped me remember one of my favorite verses: So don’t ever worry about tomorrow. Let tomorrow will worry about itself.

Lesson for the day:

We shouldn’t worry about tomorrow. We might not know what awaits us, but we can be secured with God’s plans for us.


JSP · PHP Classes · Matt 6:34


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