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May 13, 2010

Final days

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Blog #10

May 13, 2010 ( Thursday )

Only five of us are present, Andrew is not here. The remaining tasks are dependent on Andrew’s work yet we don’t have a copy of that, meaning I can’t continue my Role Maintenance tasks. What I can do is to review the different GSPs and apply some changes based on, again Role maintenance that are independent on Andrew’s work. This will also be a good time for me to search for any errors in every current functionalities of our project.


I went back to merging My work and Jerick’s work. Jerick also cannot continue on his task because Andrew is not around, we both don’t have a copy of Andrew’s work. I spent the rest of my time this afternoon filtering the GUI and errors of the project. I enjoyed editing the GSP files, I made the UI for the Level of Access and Manage Pages modules better. I also placed a home button link in every modules start page, and also a button link to every previous page.

Since Andrew changed ‘ROLE_USER’ to ‘ROLE_EMPLOYEE’, I have to change every ‘ROLE_USER’ in every controller and GSP file. I was also tasked with another intern, Jerick to update the Manage Pages and Level of Access modules. The PMBAs will be giving us the restrictions that should be done on these modules. That task was a little tricky, why, because theres a lot of changes. There are modules and features visible to other roles but not in a certain role and vice versa.

We are all hoping that Andrew is already done with his task, so that tomorrow Me and Jerick will be doing the applying of these levels of access to every page of the LeaveApp.

May 14, 2010 ( Friday )

This is My last day as an intern at O&B.

Before I leave, I have to surrender the laptop and the two books. Three interns will be ending their contracts today; Me, Jesicca and Andrew. Jerick, Alan and Ecka still have a week or two for their internship. I can extend My intership for another week, with the permission of Sir Joel, but I chose not to. Because I have to apply for a lab for My thesis, and I should fix my STFAP and Loan at the same time.

All interns are present today, fortunately. Andrew will have to finish his task first before I can continue mine. Andrew said that he will implement restrictions on pages directly on the request maps, in that case, he will no longer need to connect the levels to the controllers. I got confused with that, if the levels will not be connected to the controllers, how will I apply the restrictions on the visibility of buttons? I and Jerick told Andrew about it, he said that he will ask Red about it later.


Graduation from OJT will be later, Alan have to leave around 5pm so we’ll have to do it before that time. I will surely miss the free milo, free iced tea, unli rice, free juice and coffee. I will never forget the extreme temperature inside our room ( the Aquarium ). When Thea finished her internship she got souvenirs from O&B, ^_^ maybe I will get some too.

1pm, Last day, Red is not around. That is not good, because Andrew will have to ask him what to do with the request maps. Unfortunately, I cannot proceed with my task, three tasks that is, all of which are dependent on Andrew’s work.

2pm, Red finally showed up, Andrew can now ask him. Jerick followed Andrew to also ask Red, also Alan. When they came back, they told me that Andrew and Me should teach the other Devs about our tasks, since this is My last day. That is in case we cannot finish our current task, which is probable. Thea also arrived to return the borrowed book.

3.5 hrs to graduation…

2hrs to graduation…

Nothing to do, Andrew is not done yet… in fact if Andrew finishes his work, the page restrictions will be done. My task is basically for better UI and simplification of user access. Go Andrew!!! I’ve already done a part of my task, the creation of tag libraries. These tag libraries will be used in applying the filter for the GSP files.

Our PMBA Ate Ja, spent some time with us. It was laughing time, it was fun.

YEY! Our project is ready for deployment!!!, well of course it still needs checking that should be done before deployment. Next week will be the target deployment, so error checking will probably be early next week. Whew, done My part, I’ve given Alan a copy of My version. When we started as interns, we thought we would work on more than one project, but due to time constraints, I, Thea and Andrew were not able to do so : ( ( Jesicca was able to start with the TimeSheetApp last wednesday ).

I also remembered our MP given by Red, the Shopping Cart. I was not able to do it, I was busy with our project, Red said it’s OK not to do it anyway, because I’ve already worked on a definitely more complicated project; meaning I can do that Shopping Cart, no need to prove it.

40mins to graduation…

Listening to music, also trying to check our project for errors, so far, none found. I have already given the On-line Evaluation form link to Sir Andrew, which he will then send to Red. I think he had sent it already. I am yet to answer the personal evaluation form, I’ll do it this weekend.

30mins to graduation…

Music again…

Haha, Leaving now…Bye Bye O&B…Bye Bye Co-Interns ^_^



  1. Hello kuya 🙂

    I just got accepted by O&B for my Internship (which falls during the school year, unlike most which are during summer) and started yesterday. I was able to meet Alan, Erika, and Jeric (who will all be leaving as well soon), and reading the posts on this blog really gave me an insight as to what happened in the “aquarium” before I arrived. I guess this’ll help me in the months to come while I’m at O&B. Thanks for the informative posts 😉

    Comment by Pepe Maglutac — May 25, 2010 @ 10:05 pm

    • WOW!!! Congrats dude, haha. Yes, last week na nila Alan, Ecka and Jeric. Fun sa aquarium, Sir Andrew told us na 540 or 520 hrs and intership mo, Goodluck!!! hehe

      Comment by alvin577austria — May 26, 2010 @ 1:10 pm

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