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May 13, 2010

Nineteenth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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It’s post election day! Here’s praying that my president will make it to the top.

I came to JSP at exactly 8am. ~phew~ I really thought I was late. Everything seems normal here. Just the usual day at JSP: we work for 4 hours, then lunch break, then work for 2 hours, then another break (optional), then work finally for the last hour. You know, this isn’t the kind of work I first had in mind. It’s just like my grade school class. (Except that recess was moved in the afternoon, hehehe) I’m thinking… should I still pursue teaching and taking MS degree after I graduate? I’m starting to like this kind of work.

Nothing exceptional happening today. Same people. Same set of activities (though I should say that my WILL DO list is becoming shorter and shorter). I guess the only thing that’s worth the telling is my partner’s resignation.

Joel filed his resignation letter last Friday (with me editing his letter, haha!). He was accepted at Nestle and is supposed to start today. But I guess he still have more paper works to do that’s why he’s still here.

For the second time, Joel asked me again to make another letter. This time, it’s a letter for the HR and Finance Manager. Here we go again. But anyway, even though I am not so sure with the things that I’ve written, Joel approved it.

I’m eleven days away from the end, and well, my partner won’t be a part of those days anymore. Next week, it will be the AMA boys to leave the company. They’ll be having their classes already, and they have finished their required hours weeks before.

The IT will be much lonely again.

Lesson for the day:

During my first week in the company, I had so many plans in the future. But now, all of those were shattered because I haven’t anticipated the sudden series of events. Who am I to say, tomorrow I will be like this and tomorrow I will do that? Who am I to brag of my future?

Now I learned that I do not truly see what’s best for me in the future. And so, instead, I should say, if it’s God’s will then tomorrow I will do this.


JSP · James 4:13-15


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