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May 13, 2010

Seventeenth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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It’s now my second day working with the time keeping system. I just realized that I am exactly half done with my OJT yesterday. Woohoo! So I have half of my remaining hours for this new project. Two projects in 30 days: this is fantastic!

Today, I’m getting used to the quietness of the place. But what I’m not getting used to is my new schedule. I’m almost late today, just minutes before 8. ~almost~

And it’s not just the early call time. There are times when someone will say Gutom na ko. Then after looking at the clock, he’ll respond 10 palang? How pitiful. Time got slower and slower. Like it’s 10 times slower now. You know, I really think that Sir Jovy has the power to control time, like make it fast without anyone noticing. Hmmm… ~stroking invisible beard~

Much of the day I was busy with studying VB. Tutorials here, there, and everywhere! My desktop is overflowing with VB tutorials. I haven’t done much because I focused more on studying the language.  I believe that I would save more time if I study first even just the basics. Study now, code later.

At the end of the day, I managed to make a simple Macro-enable worksheet using VB. Studying first really pays off.


Tomorrow, I’ll dwell more on coding. I can’t wait to finish this project!

Lesson for the day:

Today, God reminds me of a simple proverb: A person without knowledge is no good. A person in a hurry makes mistakes. We both need knowledge and patience in walking through our lives. Foolish wandering could make us lost. Running hastily could trip us over.


JSP · Visual Basics · Prov 19:2


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