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May 13, 2010

Twelfth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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(gets time card, inserts it in the machine)

Oh men. Not again?

(it’s past 9 already)

(walking, more hurriedly)

Toot. Toot.

(it’s the metal detector)

Huh? Ahh.. cellphone. Eto po. Sorry.

(entered again. no toots, yes!)

(opened the door in IT)

(saw a girl)

(closed my eyes. thinking…)

There’s a girl?!

The IT department just got a little bigger with the coming of two new interns: Alyssa and Moises. Sir Jovy introduced them to us and said that they will be part of the PHP team. Now we’re four in the team!

Like what I did with Joel during his first day, I oriented them about the nature of our system. I explained to them how we did it, what languages we used, and told them that we’re actually finished with it… so for now, we don’t have anything to do yet. I advised them to sit comfortably in their chairs (because I have a strong feeling that they won’t do anything yet for this day).

And I was correct.

<diary edited=20%>

About 20% of my time today at JSP I spent debugging the system. Part of it was doing some revisions from Sir Jovy (only minor ones like the synching of the system’s time with the computer). And also part of it was helping my two teammates get acquainted with the system.

The 80% I spent relaxing: 60% in doing my blog, checking some meta-jokes, chatting with long lost friends; 10% eating; 5% at the CR and the other 5% listening to my IT friends’ discussion about the outing tomorrow.

I’m not really excited about the outing tomorrow. I’m not really the pool party type of person. But if it’s in the beach… well…


So today, since we are finished with everything, we got the chance to sit back and relax. We have been working extra hard the past few days and so I think that we deserve this rest.


When Lamech had his son Noah, he said to God: Truly, you will give us rest from the hard work of our hands. Today I’m having my Noah, because God acknowledged my hard work and gave me the rest that I both need and deserve. (I just hope there won’t be any great flood coming).

Lesson for the day:

God sees our hard work. So don’t fret on people who get things the easy way. They will also lose them likewise.


JSP · Source Inspection System · Gen 5:29


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