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May 14, 2010

long weekend (again)

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Labor day. Elections. And today I didn’t go to work, making it my third consecutive 3-day weekend. Am I slacking off? Goodbye perfect attendance.

=p Just kidding. Benj and I were able to pass our modules yesterday, so sir Kyl told us that we could take the day off and rest. And, since I am so obedient, I opted to not go to UP today. 🙂

Since we came back to CC, I’ve been exploring the different functions used in the CRS database. I was looking for those that would be used for the TCG printing model, so that I’d have an idea on which of them would be used by maam Via. But last Wednesday, they told us that we would actually be the ones doing the model for our own modules, and also the database functions if necessary. Surprise! Buti na lang..

Also, they gave additional specifications. For the TCG printing, there had to be an intermediate view (after inputting the student number) that shows the different courses of that certain student. The person printing the file can then pick and print one or more programs. This feature would be useful for shiftees or those taking postgraduate studies, since they won’t need to print all of their grades all the time.

And so, the coding ensued. But this time, no more dummy data. I tried my module on different data (don’t worry, everything will remain confidential), got it to handle some exceptions and weird cases, then finally submitted it yesterday. And since they were still gonna check it, and they have no ‘next’ module to assign to us, and they didn’t want to see us just lazily hanging at CC and using up the electricity and the internet, I got my first rest day. I’ll be back on Monday! Ü

– joanne ü


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