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May 14, 2010

Second task in 2 Days :)

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I was supposed to blog about this 2 days ago but I keep on forgetting to do so…. Hehe πŸ™‚

After finishing my first task, which is to retrieve a user’s password, I was assigned to get the messages from a user’s inbox and show these messages once a user logs in. I guess you can say that our project is starting to look like GMail, but with resumes. This task was not originally mine but since I am the only one who decided to have my OJT in Orange, it was reassigned to me.

I have to say that figuring out how to implement this task is way easier that the previous. I guess it’s because I am now more acquainted with how things are done in GWT. And I guess having my isolation moments helps as well. Who knew that being alone in CVMIG is a good way to get work done πŸ™‚

So here is what Orange looks like when a student logs in his/her account:

I know it’s still simple, we haven’t talked about who will be in charged of doing the layout of the site. So it’s just white and composed of dynamic forms, tabs and boxes.

I know I haven’t talked about this bit of my work in a while but since I am the only one working full-time for Orange, I was assigned the Project Manager this summer. I’m not sure how good I am in terms of managing the team since I have bugging people about work. Especially that these people also have other OJTs or Subjects this summer. However, I must say that I am proud of what we have accomplished. We were all able to commit codes this week.Β 

Diel has finished her task of creating the navigation panel and the class for encrypting and decrypting passwords. She just has to commit the code for the latter task.

And as for Patrick, he was able to start on coding for his task. And I have to say, it has been hard to ask Patrick to start on his code since he has his Acads and being a CS Rep, well, he’s very very busy. But at least I am happy that he has started and he is having fun in terms of coding. He used my iMac to code this module.. Hehe πŸ™‚

As of this day, I am waiting for my next task and I hope to be able to finish it as fast as my previous task. And also, we will have a meeting with Sir Mike tomorrow, something we haven’t done in ages.Β 

– Camille


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