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May 14, 2010

Testing is Over

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Yes, finally the testing of the “prototype” of the projects Ma’am Joyce were working on were over. Although it was the task was not that long, it’s not that simple.

Talk about restriction, my access to the entire system was very limited. All operations that require DMLs (data manipulation language) for a database cannot be executed using my credentials. Even if the system says that I have already done an operation, the operation needs to be “confirmed” by Ma’am Joyce.

I remember my database class back in my junior year. I remember that a database user should have rights assigned to him by a database administrator.

Good thing that testing was over. I’m telling you… It’s not FUN. I hope the next project is a little more brain stimulating like the KPI reporter. Yeah, testing is also done by a QA software engineer but it’s not fun if you don’t have rights.

Finally…it’ s FRIDAY!


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