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May 15, 2010

i knew this day would come

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It was as usual, a very hot and sunny day, i was restless.
There were days when i drift into space and think of when i can finish my work. That always makes me want to turn back time and regret those days i was very relaxed and carefree. But this day was different. There was no time to wander nor regret yet it was something life changing.

It has been an ordinary day for me everyday. I went to school around lunchtime, tried to accomplish different tasks for my ojt work, after which i go home feeling exhausted. But this wednesday was out of the ordinary. I got the chance to talk to sir rom and asked him questions concerning my ojt work, then all of a sudden he asked us when we can have our demo with him. My heart pounded also out of the ordinary. I felt a sudden chill and hanged for a couple of seconds. I knew this day would come!

So it was done. 24th of May, my official day of doooom. At least knowing when i have to finish everything completely made me realize i have to work more than a hundred percent. Now there’s only one thing to do..organized my tasks, distribute them over my remaining days, and do all that i can to fulfill them:)


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