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May 15, 2010

“i SHOULD and i’ll DEFINITELY pamper myself.”

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this remaining week is my hell week. so the best way to motivate me is BRIBERY.
The pressure of having the demo on the 24th made me more workaholic and focused. But i can’t work all the way having this burden without any gratitude for myself. So i came up with this bribery. Once i finished all the work, i will watch a movie with no one else but myself. If there’s nothing good to watch, i’ll have a foot spa or a haircut. 🙂

Now it’s better for me working nonstop thinking that i have something to look forward to.

I planned to finish the toPDF.jsp file within this weekend so i can already focus next week on the  report form. The report form, which i have to generate, is a summary of form67 and form67-C1 where each faculty has filled. Since i still don’t have the outline of the report form, i have this whole weekend to accomplish the toPDF.jsp file. If i neglected to follow my schedule,  i’ll have lots of work pilled up. I hope i won’t.

Anyway, i am really excited for my pamper day.

“So don’t let me down, ok? ” -mich


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