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May 15, 2010

Perks ^__^

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Freshmen Registration (part2)

2nd  Day: Nothing remarkable happened on the second day. Everything went okay. There were few number of people as compared with the previous day. Food were served every mealtime with merienda (perks of being an OUR RA, we got them too! though they’re much more busy than us… :-b)

At the end of the day, maybe Sir Kyl noticed that we’re idle most of the time , gave us a work to do. We’ve (Benj, Joanne and I) been assigned to come up with a Course Catalog module (this time we’re going to do not just the view but also the model part ). This is to have reference for the courses (subjects) name and description given their short names.

3rd Day:  I got to meet and know a lot of people. In the morning, I have been acquainted with some DILNET people who were also assisting there. In the afternoon, Ma’am Via and Sir Kyl introduced us to the OUR staffs. (One of them is the user of my module, hope it works fine ^__^ )   There was also my Comm 3 teacher Sir Ken, who serve as Asst. to the Registrar for CRS . Though I know he might have forgotten me already, I still greeted him and smile!!! Nice to see him again!

After this we came back to UP CC and continue with our module. At the end of the day, it was done, yahoo! We’ve finished it quickly. Thanks to Sir Kyl and Kuya Karl for the guidance. ^__^

4th day: Last Day of Freshie Registration. Actually, we were back to UPCC by this time. The day before was actually our last day there. It was a very nice and enjoyable experience. (And it’s good to be in the outside world haha).   I’ve actually learned a lot in just short period of time. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to be part of this event! It’s definitely one of my memorable experience this summer!

– ‘A’

Can u spot where we are? 🙂


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